Calendula Remedy

A rich, emollient, organic calendula-infused balm designed especially for soothing and calming sensitive, dry or fragile skin. Perfect for skin affected by eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, exfoliative chelitis, lichen sclerosus and other ailments.

handmade for damaged and fragile skin

Organic Calendula Petals

Made from the finest organic Calendula petals (where all the skin healing benefits are). Infused at low heat over weeks, in cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. No alcohol or high temperatures are used at any time.

Hand Infused & Pressed

Traditionally cold-pressed on our farm we then add natural beeswax and the soothing and healing benefits of natural vitamin E (non-GMO) and organic roman chamomile essential oil.

Incredible Soothing Balm

There's nothing quite like it. Excellent for calming and soothing sensitive, dry, flakey, itchy or fragile skin or for soothing minor cuts and scrapes. Perfect for cracked heels, chapped lips and more.

Designed for Damaged & Fragile Skin | 100% Natural & Organic

Made from Organic Calendula Petals

It's starts with premium organic calendula petals. The petals contain the soothing and healing properties of calendula.

Infused in Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

The organic calendula is infused in the finest extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil. Our extraction is done at low heat over several weeks so as not to damage the active properties. No high heat or alcohol is used at any stage of extraction.

Calendula Oil

The result is an incredibly rich calendula-infused oil, cold-pressed on our farm in the traditional way. Nothing else comes close.

Our Incredible 'Pot of Gold'

Mixed with natural beeswax and the added soothing and healing properties of non-GMO Vitamin E and Organic Chamomile. The result is a literal pot of gold!

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

Calendula Remedy ingredients, natural and organic | Four Cow Farm

Designed for Eczema Affected Skin

Calendula Remedy an incredible soother for skin affected by a host of conditions including contact dermatitis, exfoliative cheilitis, lichen schlerosus, hives and psoriasis



I've been suffering from mild exfoliative cheilitis (sore, peeling skin, extremely dry) on my lips for about 3 years, with no rhyme or reason. My dermatologist said that it could potentially heal on it's own or could take a lifetime, and prescribed a steroid ointment which I reluctantly used for a while. I read a study in a medical journal about the healing potential of calendula for this condition, ordered Four Cows Farm Remedy, and 8 weeks later I'm cured! This balm is incredible. I'm obsessed.



I noticed instant relief for my Dermatitis, where everything that my Doctor prescribed didn't work. As I have Autoimmune problems with all smells, etc, the Calendula Remedy was perfect & pure.



The Calendula Remedy has been a magic cure for my itchy dry hands. A friend gave me a generous scoop from her jar after claiming it would cure all my problems. After using it for just one day I purchased my own jar. The irritating itch was soothed instantly and within a few days my skin was healthy once again. Thank you Four Cow Farm ❤️



This product really worked in clearing some infected eczema I had. I used it together with calendula body wash and tea tree remedy. Also use it around neck chin are when it’s very itchy love this product thank you!



I purchased calendula remedy to take away redness and deeply moisturise my sun damaged skin. Especially on my chest and shoulders where I have many rough bumps. The product works really well I have noticed a big improvement in a very short time. Spreads well after showering while skin is slightly warm. Great product 👍



I suffer with eczema, especially in the winter months, and have had some really stubborn patches on my wrists and forehead for months. I've tried a lot of different products, but none of them have had much effect, until I ordered your Calendula Remedy. Within a few days of applying it twice a day, both areas have softened considerably, and most of the redness is gone - as well as the unbearable itch. Thank you so much!



My baby's dreadful eczema is finally settling! Within days of using this remedy the underlying inflammation was gone. After 2 weeks, his skin hadn't looked so good in months! I know I could've used steroid creams to clear it sooner. We've tried them, and it just keeps coming back, but you can't use steroids for an extended period and I'm not comfortable with them anyway. I didn't just want to clear the skin, I wanted to nourish and protect it and this remedy is doing that! It is the most natural and effective stuff I've found and I'm so happy with it, as is baby!


Calendula Remedy | From Petal to Pot

It's our most popular product for good reason. Our Calendula Remedy is made from the finest organic Calendula petal-infused extra-virgin olive oil. Many call it a miracle balm for dry and eczema-prone skin. 100% natural and handcrafted right on our farm.