Four Cow Farm Skincare

100% Natural | Handcrafted on Our Family Farm | Australian Made & Owned

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

Artificial & Chemical Free | Palm Oil, Gluten & Dairy Free | 100% Non-GMO

We Use Only The Finest Ingredients

Premium Foodgrade Quality | From Growers We Know & Trust

What makes our skincare special

True artisanal skincare

Our skincare is handmade by us, on our family farm. We make our skincare slowly with care and respect. This process ensures the highest quality skincare possible.

Handmade in small batches

We believe strongly in making our skincare in small batches and frequently. It means our skincare is always fresh, of the highest potency and made as sustainably as possible.

four cow farm calendula remedy only uses australian premium extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil

Foodgrade ingredients

Our ingredients are the finest premium foodgrade available. Our oils are all extra-virgin cold-pressed, our water is mountain rainwater collected and purified on our farm.

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Bub has pretty bad eczema from 3 months old. Tried so many different lotions/ointments, including some big brands for a few months. Discovered four cow farm and bought him the whole baby bundle. The best. Significant improvement after a few weeks and now at 9 months old his eczema is 99% gone!



My daughter had rash under her chin and armpits from dribble. The Dr had prescribed steroid cream which worked for a week and then it returned instantly. I didn't want to keep using steroid cream on a3 month old, so I needed a natural alternative. Your Nappy Cream has been perfect.

Kirsty F.


At 3 months of age my little girl developed a rash on her face, which turned out to be Eczema. The product I had been using to wash my baby was causing the problem. After being given a bottle of Four Cow Farm Baby Wash and Baby Oil by a friend, I began to use this on my little girl and the eczema improved overnight and after a few weeks it was virtually gone!

Carla N.


Incredible! Your Mother's Wash is so gentle and moisturising, plus it keeps me confident knowing that when i'm breast feeding my bubs isn't also gulping down anything harmful, simply perfect!

Katherine L.


I absolutely love your Calendula Remedy for my baby with terrible eczema. We have tried many creams and yours is the only one that has provided her with relief. I love that it is all natural so I don't have to worry about any chemicals damaging her precious skin...

Jess T.


We absolutely love the Baby Lotion in our house. Miss 3 has very sensitive skin and gets a rash from most other moisturisers so it is one of the few that she doesn't react to. I also use it as a hand lotion. Because a little bit goes a long way the pump bottle squirts the perfect amount and the 485mL bottle lasts. In short, LOVE it!

Kylie S.


I love this Mother's Oil! It's my little secret! I've been using it for a couple of weeks and literally my lines are getting fainter. Wonderful - thank you 4 cow farm!

Melinda S.


Just love this Baby Oil for our bubs bath! It's all we have used on her from the day she was born and she has had trouble free skin that is always super soft and glowing! And doesn't make her hair oily either! We just use a drop in her bath each night! And the small bottle lasted is 4 month before having to get another!

Jacqui M.


I bought this set for my niece for her baby shower. She was overjoyed when she saw it and was impressed by the fact that is was natural and organic as this is important to her. Each product also had its own information sheet which she thought was great. I can't fault the service from Four Cow Farm...

Linda F.


The Secret to Healthy, Moisturised Hair: Castile Wash

The Secret to Healthy, Moisturised Hair: Castile Wash

Have you ever heard of using Castile wash as a shampoo? It's a natural and gentle alternative to traditional shampoos that could leave your hair feeling moisturised and healthy. Our Castile washes are made from only natural cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil and doesn't have any harsh chemicals like sulfates or parabens that could irritate your scalp or strip your hair of its natural oils.
Why Simple Skincare is Better For Your Skin

Why Simple Skincare is Better For Your Skin

At Four Cow Farm, we believe in keeping skincare simple and choosing ingredients wisely. We carefully select every ingredient that goes into our products, from the water we use (all collected at the farm and filtered and processed right here) to the oils we use (all extra virgin cold-pressed and of the highest food grade quality) to the preservatives we use (always food grade, always in the lowest possible amounts).
Sensitive Facial Skin? Avoid These Four Ingredients

Sensitive Facial Skin? Avoid These Four Ingredients

Did you know that the skin on your face is the thinnest on your body? In fact, the skin around your eyes is 80 times thinner than the thickest skin on your body (which happens to be the soles of your feet). Despite this, your face is exposed to more skincare and cosmetic products than any other part of your body, including washes, moisturizers, toners, peels, lipstick, foundation, blush, and eyeshadow.

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Sustainably Made

All the energy used on our farm is 100% green solar & wind energy. The water we use is purified mountain rainwater collected on our farm itself. Nearly all of the water we use is recycled for different uses around the farm. We only use recyclable or compostoble packaging in our products, and only soy-based ink. It's our responsibility and commitment to making our skincare as sustainably as possible.

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