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Natural Ingredients to Watch Out For

Natural Ingredients to Watch Out For

At Four Cow Farm, we think a lot about every ingredient that goes into the products we craft, from the water we use (all collected at the farm and filtered and processed right here) to the oils we use (all extra virgin cold-pressed and of the highest food grade quality) to the preservatives we use (always food grade, always in the lowest possible amounts). 
Is your skincare really natural | Four Cow Farm Skincare Blog

One Simple Tip To Check Whether Your Skincare Is Truly Natural

‘Natural’ is the buzzword when it comes to skincare (and food and laundry detergents and pretty much most things these days!) but if you’re not a chemist, how in the world do you decipher product labels to find out whether what’s going into that product is really natural? 
Mineral oil in skincare, made from crude oil

The ONE Oil You Need to Avoid

There’s one oil that you’ll find in many products that we strongly believe is an absolute no-no in skincare: that oil is Mineral OilDespite its innocuous name, mineral oil is actually a form of petroleum (yes, the stuff that goes into your car) and is a by-product of the distillation of crude oil into petrol/gasoline. 
Is that skincare natural? Try our 4 step test..

Is that skincare natural? Try our 4 step test..

There are so many natural skincare products out there, and they all sound amazing, but how do you tell if the skincare you’re buying is really as natural as it claims? Here are four simple checks you can make to ensure you’re really buying natural...