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The Ultimate Stress Relief for Tired Skin

The Ultimate Stress Relief for Tired Skin

Our Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil is one of our favourite serums and we’re using it even more than ever at the moment to soothe away those stress lines and tired skin. Created by Nanna as a rejuvenating skin booster for skin going through stress, its silky texture blends straight into the skin. It blends two powerhouse antioxidant organic oils; organic rosehip and organic camellia, both of which have been used since antiquity for their incredible beautifying properties.

5 baby skincare products you DON'T need

5 Baby Skincare Products You DON'T Need

Every new parent stresses about having everything ready for their new arrival - we know the feeling all to well - the list of ‘required’ baby items seems endless! Where being over prepared is certainly better than being under prepared, when it comes to baby skin, less is more is most definitely true. Fewer skincare products with fewer ingredients, and a lighter touch is always best.
Four Cow Farm Pregnancy Skincare

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mother's-to-be Skin

Dark patches, strange lines, itches & rashes, breakouts - pregnancy skin isn't just about that pregnancy glow! Pregnancy skin goes through a lot more than most of us realise, here's a peek at some of the changes it has to deal with, and our recommendations...
Is that skincare natural? Try our 4 step test..

Is that skincare natural? Try our 4 step test..

There are so many natural skincare products out there, and they all sound amazing, but how do you tell if the skincare you’re buying is really as natural as it claims? Here are four simple checks you can make to ensure you’re really buying natural...
A tablespoon of sebum is what the body produces per day

Why you need to protect your sebum

We all know that our skin secretes sebum. For those of us with eczema, too little of it. For those of us with acne, too much. Sebum contains all sorts of amazing substances which help fight bacteria, infection and anything harmful that could threaten to enter our bodies. It also lubricates our skin without which we literally wouldn’t be able to move, and every day would be a bad hair day.
Four Tips To Using Essential Oils

Four Tips To Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are found in so many natural skincare products these days yet, despite their widespread use, they are often used in ways which are far from safe :(