3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mother's-to-be Skin

Four Cow Farm Natural Pregnancy Skincare Great for stressed and stretched skin
Dark patches, strange lines, itches & rashes, breakouts - pregnancy skin isn't just about that pregnancy glow! Pregnancy skin goes through a lot more than most of us realise, here's a peek at some of the changes it has to deal with, and our recommendations:

1. It's a lot more sensitive than usual. Having a baby on the way means your skin has to deal with rushes of fluctuating hormones, increased blood flow and stretching (a lot of it!). That often means that skin becomes a lot more sensitive to the skincare products we use. Harsh preservatives, strong fragrances, chemical ingredients can all wreak havoc on skin that's trying to protect mum and bub. Ordinary shampoos, soaps & washes can often be the worst irritants, since most use chemical detergents as their main cleansing ingredient. That's why our Mother's All-Natural Traditional Castile Hair & Body Wash is made only from 100% premium cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with no preservatives and no fragrances. It's the perfect thing for protecting and soothing sensitive skin and hair.

2. It's oilier than usual. That pregnancy glow comes not just from the increased blood flow in mummy's body but also from the increased sebum production caused by hormonal changes in pregnancy. But it can be too much of a good thing! Acne is one downside, but it's not the time to reach for the usual range of acne medications, many of which contain ingredients that can be harmful to babies. Your best bet? Staying away from harsh cleansers (which can stress the skin and exacerbate oiliness) and keeping to natural skincare ingredients which nourish the skin without overwhelming it with overly rich oils or waxes. Put together a pregnancy skincare regime which supports your skin through all the changes it's going through. That's why our Mother's All-Natural Traditional Castile Hair & Body Wash & Mother's All-Natural Daily Rich Cream Salve were designed to make the perfect daily duo to keep skin calm, soothed & balanced.

3. It has to grow - a lot! It's the single biggest skin concern most pregnant women have - stretch marks! Although there's no guaranteed way of avoiding them (genetics & how fast your bump grows all play a part), keeping your bump deeply moisturised helps, especially through those growth spurts. That's why our Mother's All-Natural Intensive Restorative Oil is crafted with the perfect blend of organic extra virgin cold-pressed oils (camellia & rosehip) to help strengthen and fortify skin that needs to grow - and shrink - through all the stages of pregnancy.