How to Care for Sensitive Skin

Caring for Sensitive Skin

"If you or your little one suffers from dry and sensitive skin, having the right skincare regimen is incredibly important."

Here are three simple steps to a daily skincare regimen that can help soothe and protect sensitive skin:

Step 1 : Wash and cleanse daily. Sensitive skin is far more easily affected by what’s in its environment, so don’t skip that daily cleansing routine. Warm (but not too hot) showers are best, and avoid baths, which can strip the skin with too much exposure to water. When applying your wash, apply gently to the skin in circles - there’s no need to scrub or rub hard, as a good wash will do the work! Never apply your shampoo or wash to your hair shaft, only to your scalp and massage in gently before rinsing thoroughly. A fifty cent piece amount of soap is perfect for the average scalp.

Step 2 : Moisturise all over. Moisturise as soon as you have patted your skin dry (no harsh rubbing please!). Apply your moisturiser in gentle circular motions, and use upward strokes around the neck and face. Make sure to concentrate on the crooks of your arms and the backs of your knees and ears as it’s usually in the joints where flare-ups of dry skin are triggered! During winter, or if you sleep in air-conditioning or heating, moisturise in the morning as well after your cleansing routine as a dry sleeping environment can deplete the skin of its much-needed moisture.

Step 3 : Added care for sensitive areas. Dry and sensitive skin needs extra care in some places and that’s where a richer, thicker cream or balm comes in. Particularly in the joints or crooks of your arms and legs, lips, hands, or in any folds of skin, extra moisturising and barrier protection is often needed to avoid triggering flare-ups of sensitivity. Apply immediately after applying lotion after bath-time, and reapply every three hours or so throughout the day to keep those areas moisturised and to prevent the start of that itch-scratch cycle.

Nanna’s handcrafted range was originally created for a baby - her first grandchild - with very dry and sensitive eczema-affected skin, so every product in our range has been carefully formulated to prepare, soothe and protect skin that needs that extra care.