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A tablespoon of sebum is what the body produces per day

Why you need to protect your sebum

We all know that our skin secretes sebum. For those of us with eczema, too little of it. For those of us with acne, too much. Sebum contains all sorts of amazing substances which help fight bacteria, infection and anything harmful that could threaten to enter our bodies. It also lubricates our skin without which we literally wouldn’t be able to move, and every day would be a bad hair day.
7 amazing things your skin does for you!

7 amazing things your skin does for you!

With all the chemicals out there, it’s no wonder that skin problems, from eczema and psoriasis to acne and persistent dryness, are aplenty. Now, instead of slathering our skin in synthetics, dousing it with fragrances, and covering it in make-up, why not give your skin the much-needed break it deserves?