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5 Common Causes of Sensitive Skin

5 Common Causes of Sensitive Skin

Are you feeling as if your skin is becoming more sensitive and you’re not quite sure why? We often hear from customers who’ve started reacting to products they’ve never reacted to before, or getting dry or red spots on skin which never used to have a reaction. Here’s what we hope is a helpful guide to what might be causing the problem...
four cow farm castile washes

4 Ingredients to Avoid in a Facial Wash

The skin on your face is the thinnest skin on your body. In fact, the thinnest skin you have, which is found around your eyes, is 80 times thinner than the thickest skin on your body (hint: you stand on it). Yet your face gets exposed to more skincare and cosmetic products than any other part of the body. Washes, moisturisers, toners, peels, lipstick, foundation, blush and eyeshadow, the list is endless. So, it’s not surprising that skin allergies often appear first on the face.
5 baby skincare products you DON'T need

5 Baby Skincare Products You DON'T Need

Every new parent stresses about having everything ready for their new arrival - we know the feeling all to well - the list of ‘required’ baby items seems endless! Where being over prepared is certainly better than being under prepared, when it comes to baby skin, less is more is most definitely true. Fewer skincare products with fewer ingredients, and a lighter touch is always best.
Caring for the most fragile of skin

Caring for the most fragile of skin

Have you ever noticed how newborn baby skin is almost translucent? That’s a sign of how incredibly thin it is. Having been submerged in amniotic fluid for months, it’s suddenly exposed to air and needs to adjust to an entirely new environment.