Caring for the most fragile of skin

Babies have the most fragile of skin requiring the gentlest natural skincare

Have you ever noticed how newborn baby skin is almost translucent? That’s a sign of how incredibly thin it is. Having been submerged in amniotic fluid for months, it’s suddenly exposed to air and needs to adjust to an entirely new environment.

Yet most commercially made baby skincare is chock full of fragrances, artificial ingredients, thick oils and synthetic fillers. Exactly what baby skin, or any for that matter, doesn’t need. What baby skin truly needs is simple skincare, using light, natural oils which nourish the skin whilst helping it to learn to adapt to its new environment. That’s how Nanna designed our baby range - the products we started with.

Our Baby Range consists of four staple products - the four key products newborn baby skin needs : 

  1. Baby Wash - Handmade from extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, with only four ingredients, no fragrances or fillers.
  2. Baby Lotion - A blend of sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, light and nourishing oils which moisturise and sink gently into the skin. 
  3. Nappy Cream - A light cream made from sunflower seed oil and a small amount of zinc oxide, perfect for protecting baby’s most sensitive area. 
  4. Baby Oil - A trio of sweet almond and apricot kernel with the addition of rich macadamia oil, perfect for massages, dry skin spots and cradle cap. 

All our oils are extra virgin cold-pressed, grown and pressed in Australia. The water used in our lotions and creams is purified mountain rainwater collected on our farm, with no chemical additives or purifiers.

They were the first products made by Nanna for her own grandchildren, and it shows. Australian-grown and Australian-made baby skincare made with the lightest touch for the most fragile skin.