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The Importance of Cold-Pressed Oils in Skincare

Have you noticed the variety of plant and vegetable oils used in skincare products these days? From olive to rosehip, coconut, soybean, and even palm, there seems to be an endless range of oils available. However, it's crucial to consider the quality of the oils being used in these products.
The best oils for sensitive skin

The best oils for sensitive skin

The range of plant and vegetable oils available in skincare these days seems endless. Olive, rosehip, coconut, soybean, palm etc; there seem to be as many oils as there are products! But what about the quality of the oils used? Beyond the marketed beneficial properties of the oils used, one question that should be asked is how was that oil processed?
Pressing calendula infused oil at Four Cow Farm skincare

The best way to use a skincare oil

It’s winter and with all this cold weather, many of us are using skincare oils on the skin for extra protection against the harsh weather. Oils are a wonderful addition to pretty much any skincare routine - and especially on skin that is dry, sensitive or affected by conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. But do you know the best way of using them?
Introducing Calendula & Camellia Lotion!

Introducing Calendula & Camellia Lotion!

Over the years, one of our most frequently requested products was for a lighter, nut-free, Calendula moisturiser suitable for all-over body use on all types of skin - in particular sensitive skin. Nanna's new recipe is finally ready - and we're thrilled to get to share it with you!
cosmetic grade oils and why you should avoid them

Why We Avoid 'Cosmetic Grade' Oils

Did you know most oils used in commercial skincare manufacturing are 'cosmetic grade' which is a degraded, lower quality of oil, even if organic! And most oils, even food oils (eg standard olive oil, canola, soy, vegetable oils, other cooking oils etc) - are extracted with heat and very often petroleum derivatives.
Four Cow Farm Skincare Contains Only Extra virgin cold pressed oils

Extra-Virgin vs Refined Oils

Many skincare products boast about the oils they use - whether it’s coconut, olive, almond or others - and these oils do come from natural sources - but, what many people don’t know is that a major difference in the quality - and price - of the oils is determined by what happens to the fruit or nut after it’s picked.