Why We Avoid 'Cosmetic Grade' Oils

Cosmetic grade oils and why you should avoid them
Did you know most oils used in commercial skincare manufacturing are 'cosmetic grade' which is a degraded, lower quality of oil, even if organic! And most oils, even food oils (eg standard olive oil, canola, soy, vegetable oils, other cooking oils etc) - are extracted with heat and very often petroleum derivatives.

At Four Cow Farm, we only use premium food-grade oils (the very highest quality a farm can produce) and we only use extra virgin cold-pressed oils, which are mechanically pressed cold from the first harvest of the fruit.

But why is this important?

1: They have the highest concentration of active ingredients.

The beneficial effects of an oil are delicate, we know that the first cold-press will contain the highest concentration of active ingredients. Most lower grades of oil contain low to no original key benefits, having been damaged or lost through the extraction process.

2: Safety!

The other factor is safety, the petroleum derivatives used in extraction can be harmful and having those absorbed by the skin, or worse ingested by a little one makes using anything less than premium food-grade an an absolute no at Four Cow Farm.

We always advise checking the ingredients of your skincare and to make sure any oils used are extra-virgin, cold-pressed. If it just says 'organic xxx oil' we suggest contacting the brand directly as to whether the oil is organic cosmetic-grade or organic food-grade - most good brands will be happy to answer your questions!