4 Tips to Make Your Skincare Earth-Friendly

Make your skincare earth friendly

It’s 2021! There’s a sigh of relief all round that 2020 is over and all of us at the farm are full of hope that 2021 will bring better things. To help make that happen, we’re all in the midst of making our resolutions for the year, and if we want a better world, we know that should start in our own homes. 
So besides the usual resolutions of losing weight, being kinder and spending more time with our families (all very important!), we’re hoping that more people will try some of our earth-friendly skincare resolutions. Every step counts :) 
  1. Choose skincare with fewer ingredients. The more ingredients a product contains, the more it’s taking out of our Earth. And just like good food, it’s not about the number of ingredients that go into the recipe, but the quality of the few you choose. So, when you have a choice, choose simple over complex. 
  2. Simplify your routine. Is it really necessary that a skincare routine contain an eye cream, neck cream, hand cream, facial moisturiser and body lotion? If in doubt, start with your favourite product and try using it for something else! Get to know the ingredients in your skincare and we guarantee you’ll find another use for a much-loved product. 
  3. Simplify your family’s skincare selection. Could the whole family use the same bottle of wash and the same moisturiser? You might be surprised but unless you’re battling a specific skincare issue, gentle skincare packed with great ingredients can pamper and care for a lot of different types of skin. Give it a go, and you’ll help the Earth, your wallet and your family’s skin at the same time! 
  4. Stop using skincare which contains microplastics. They’re a lot more widespread than you think and microplastic pollution is one of the most worrying forms of plastic pollution. It’s in our seas, on our highest mountains and even our most remote islands. When your skincare goes down your drain, it goes a lot further than you think. Look out for ingredients which contain copolymer, acrylate or polyurethane. For a full list, go here.
They might seem like simple steps but choosing the right skincare wisely means you’re adding your actions and your voice to a group of people who are all trying to do the right thing. Every little action counts, we think that’s a good way to start 2021!