5 Skincare Signs To Watch Out For

Too much skincare isn't good
Our skin is a living, breathing thing. That’s something that’s easy to forget when there are so many skincare products out there trying to zap it, strip it and transform it into the pictures you see in magazines and blogs. We get
so many emails from customers who’ve suddenly discovered skin issues they’ve never had before and very often, the cause is our tendency to overdo it when it comes to skincare. 

Here are five common signs that your skin needs a breather (literally!) or that you’re using products or ingredients which are overloading your skin -

1: Shiny (But Not Oily) Skin

The number one sign of over-exfoliating. So many skincare products talk about getting rid of dead skin but what they don’t tell you is that dead skin stays on for a purpose - it protects the new skin growing under it, and it also scatters light (and therefore helps to cover flaws!). Think of a shiny piece of aluminium foil reflecting everything around it, not what you should be aiming for with facial skin! 

2: Skin Pilling

Remember what happens when your sweater does the same thing? Little flakes of product coming off your skin (especially when applying make-up or sunscreen) is often the number one sign that you’re using too much product on your skin. It just can’t absorb any more! Choose wisely as with good, natural ingredients - just like in Nanna’s kitchen - a little goes a long way. 

3: Dryness 

If you’re experiencing dry skin despite moisturising regularly, then an overuse of skin brighteners, anti-aging ‘active’ ingredients, toners or scrubs is very often the culprit. These products are often designed to give a ‘quick fix’ but unfortunately that quick fix often means damage to the skin in the long-term. 

4: Oiliness 

Believe it or not, the same causes of chronic skin dryness can also be the very same products that cause excessive oiliness. Overproduction of sebum by the skin is often a reaction to having been stripped harshly by overly strong skincare products. It’s a living thing and the skin’s smart enough to put up some defence when it’s being overwhelmed. 

5: Bumps, Rashes & Hives

The number one cause red, inflamed, bumpy or itchy skin after a product is applied? Fragrance - whether natural or not (yes, essential oils cause just as many, if not more, allergic reactions than synthetic fragrances). Cut out those overly-fragranced products, and let the skin regain its balance. 

The number one learning we have from all we’ve seen throughout the years is this - stick to a small selection of skincare (3 or 4 products at the most!), select them very carefully (get to know their ingredients and the way they’re made) and only introduce new skincare one product at a time, giving the skin time to adjust and adapt. It’s one of the best indicators of our health, and the thing that does the most each day to protect us from the outside world, treat it kindly and keep it safe. Your skin - and your health - will thank you for it!