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Boost your skin with this simple combination

Boost your skin with this simple combination | Four Cow Farm Skincare
As mummy skin goes through the ups and downs of pregnancy (literally!), hormonal changes and physical stress can wreak havoc on the skin. Similarly, aging skin, going through hormonal change and environmental stress, can become difficult to manage as it fails to recover as quickly as before. 

So when Nanna started formulating her Mother’s All-Natural range, she chose oils which would be the perfect partners for skin going through change and stress. 

Our Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil and our Mother’s Daily Rich Cream Salve use a combination of Rosehip, Camellia and Olive oils, along with the added power of Olive Squalane. 

The pair were designed to work together. Use our Mother’s Salve as a base, and our Mother’s Oil as a booster or serum. On particularly stretched or stressed areas, use our Mother’s Oil on its own. Delicate enough to use on the neck and eye area, this power duo brings back softness and brightness to the skin wherever it’s used.

A bonus? Their simple formulas are supercharged with nature’s amazing natural boosters - and nothing else. So you and your little one don’t have to worry about what’s going into you whilst you’re nourishing your skin!

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