The Science of Soap, How it Kills COVID19

How soap kills covid19
‘Don’t forget to wash your hands!’
 has always been a frequent demand on our farm to our little ones and big ones alike. Now with this awful COVID19 situation, it’s become a reminder of how important simple hand-washing is to our health.

To be clear, hand sanitisers are a good alternative when soap and water isn’t available but it’s a good time to reiterate that nothing compares to good old-fashioned soap and water - it is quite literally the gold standard when it comes to removing germs. Using a hand sanitiser is effective if used in a large enough quantity thoroughly and properly but you need to soak every corner of your skin and let it dry - however, it won’t physically remove the germs on your hands. It also doesn’t work properly if your hands are physically dirty or grimy and must contain at least 60% alcohol content to be effective.

A small amount of soap however, can effectively cover a large area, and can actually inactivate viruses by disrupting their fat membrane, whilst running water then washes them away. Make sure to rub your hands for a good amount of time as the physical action of rubbing makes a huge difference to how much of the germs are removed.

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If you have sensitive skin, washing your hands a lot more than usual, and using alcohol sanitisers can wreak havoc on already dry and irritated skin. Our castile washes have a few added benefits over regular soap in that 1: they are gentle and moisturising, 2: they take a little more work to wash off, which means you wash more thoroughly and of course, 3: they are 100% natural.

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Stay safe and... 'Don't forget to wash your hands!'