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Pure Castile Washes & Cleansers

Handcrafted on our family farm, our 100% extra-virgin olive oil castile washes and cleansers were designed to both cleanse and moisturise. Our Washes are free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, colourings and foaming agents. Nothing quite compares to the gentle and luxurious properties of our traditional castile washes. 

WHAT MAKES our washes so special?

four cow farm calendula remedy only uses australian premium extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil

100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Our pure castile washes are made from ONLY Australian-grown extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. That’s the very highest foodgrade quality of oil available, one usually used on salads and in food. 

Our olive oil is sourced from farms right here in Australia. We don't use any palm or coconut oils which can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Luxuriously Gentle

Our castile wash is super-fatted. That means that extra olive oil is added to the soap (more than necessary). That creates a super-soft and velvety soap, which is extra gentle on the skin and scalp. 

They’re cooked for over a week. Yes, over a week! That means that they’re luxuriously gentle as the longer a soap is cooked, the gentler and more moisturing it is.

They're Simple by Design

Each of our castile washes has only four ingredients. Just four! They’re so special that no additives or fillers are used. They are slightly alkali which makes them excellent cleansers.

Each castile wash is made to focus on its key ingredients plus the herbal extract or essential oil used. Less is definitely more when it comes to a true castile wash.

A Wash for Every Skin Type

HUNDREDS of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Customer Reviews!

The name says it all. Great for using head to toe and very gentle on my face as well for removing any makeup. Used in conjunction with the beautifully soft Pohnpei Sponge it cleans with no harshness and leaves my skin feeling wonderful.



After a rather nasty skin irritation I have finally found relief with Four Cow Farm's Castile Hair & Body Wash. On first use I thought wow, my skin feels really clean. No irritation, my skin stays hydrated and feels lighter. Skin feels smooth and soft, no more tingling or burning, no more hiding sores and rashes, I am so much happier - a big THANK YOU to Four Cow Farms. Highly Recommend!!



We absolutely love these products. The difference in our hair is amazing and was obvious from the first wash. It is worth noting that it will take your hair a few washes to fully detox and adjust but that it is neither a difficult nor time consuming transition. Even better, is knowing that we are making a positive decision environmentally as well.



Perfect product for bubs! It can be so difficult to find pure products, so I’m so happy I was recommended this. My baby suffers from eczema and this is so gentle on his skin I have zero qualms about using it.



I use this on my 15 month old every night in the shower, all over her body and to wash her hair. She has had some cradle cap since birth which we never worried about (it doesn't bother her, or us), but since using this it is just magically flaking away! Incredible. Soft skin and no irritation. Highly recommend!



A gentle, minimal foaming baby body wash; it smells beautiful and is lovely on my baby’s hair and skin. The perfect combination when followed with the baby lotion. One bottle lasts a few months with everyday use.




The Family Wash

Our Traditional Castile Wash uses organic roman chamomile essential oil which has soothing and anti-bacterial qualities excellent for skin subject to those daily little scrapes and cuts. So perfect on young children and adults alike as a wonderful daily wash and shampoo.


For Extra-Sensitive Skin

Our Calendula Castile Wash uses organic calendula extract, which is the best natural soother for skin experiencing eczema or extreme dryness. We recommend this for anyone at any age that is currently experiencing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis or has extra sensitive skin.


For Newborn & Baby Skin

Our Baby Wash uses organic echinacea extract which is excellent on thin and fragile skin as it has wonderful protective qualities. Perfect for newborns and babies, but also for skin that’s become damaged through other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


Post & Pre-Pregnancy

Our Mother’s Wash uses organic pomegranate extract which has some of the most potent antioxidants perfect for helping to restore and revitalise skin that’s stressed or tired or stretched. Perfect for mums going through pre- and post-natal skin changes, and also for older skin that needs that extra pick-me-up. It's also food-grade and nursing-safe.


A Wash for Every Skin Type